Lebanese Feast # 2


Eggplant with tomatoes and chickpeas

Leeks in yoghurt and tahini sauce

Lentil puree with rice and onions

More flatbread and yogurt feta dip…

Semolina Cake


The leeks weren’t as exciting as the silverbeet stalks last time (or maybe they were just better because I finally found a tasty way to use those!?).

The eggplant dish was incredible, beautifully tangy from the addition of pomegranate molasses – mius this and plus basil or some other herb it would be perfect with pasta…

Initially the lentil puree seemed a little boring but ended up going well with the rest.

Semolina cake was a revelation, soaked in a sugar syrup fragrant from rosewater and orange blossom water, lucky the recipe warned that the cake looked like it might drown in the syrup, it does get all soaked up, incredible – I’d seen and tasted these cakes before but freshly made they were so much better!


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